Ground of tolerance, Holland suffers however from many stereotypes which prevent sometimes the travellers from discovering his major heart. Fields of tulips, second country of cheese, drug taking soft… As many stereotypes which are not enough to describe this culturally rich country. A travel in Holland will make you discover a single destination in its kind and artistically very developed.


Animated, the country has a cultural life and night very active. You will be able to thus appreciate the many art galleries which strew the big cities, or to amuse you to the sound of excellent DJ' S which animate the clubs techno. With their important architectural heritage, the Netherlands also allure in love ones with the field crop. Museums of art of Amsterdam to the walks with bicycle along the channels, there is what to be occupied. Countries of Western Europe, the Netherlands are delimited in north and the west by the North Sea, in the south by Belgium and the east by Germany.

Amsterdam, Maastricht, Rotterdam, Ranstad…, as many cities which make rove the spirit and give desire for leaving to the conquest the old United Provinces. Why not let to you carry by the light and enthusiastic atmosphere which makes the charm of this nation of explorers and artists? Warm welcome of the Dutchmen will finish convincing you on the side out of commun run of this country which knew to combine religious tradition and exceptional open-minded.

Culture & Traditions


Dutch painting, is famous in the whole world. Rembrandt is surely the great painter who Holland saw being born. Master of the shade and the light, he is the inventor of the famous technique of theobscure one. At the 17th century, Johannes Vermeer also illuminated the artistic scene, even if he were really appreciated only after his death, like much of others of his fellow-members.


When one thinks of Holland, one imagines immense fields of flowers immediately where thousands of tulips push. If these fields are fewer than formerly, the country is still today a large exporter of flowers, and the culture of the tulip covers even more than 3,000 hectares in the area of Haarlem. True tradition, this market became world, were Holland one of the leading vendors of this raw material.


With more bicycles than inhabitants, Holland is the ideal to bind sporting visits and activitées destination. Profiting from flat landscapes, a mild climate and more than 32.000kilometers of cycle paths, to discover to it Dutch cheese in the bicycle nothing is by far the best way of lacking this superb country.




Little spread, the Dutch gastronomy does not have of them less some delicious specialties. Holland is the largest cheese exporter in the world and offer with the papillae of its visitors Edam, Gouda and maasdam, known by all the cheese amateurs.