A travel in Ireland transports you in the Celtic culture of a country to the multiple legends, castles and medieval cities. Nature is everywhere and is expressed in various forms, of the lake of Connemara to cliffs of Moher via the lunar plates of Burren, Ireland will not fail to allure the travellers in search of fresh air but also the sporting-men who will be able to devote themselves to horse riding, the bicycle, the kayak or even to surfing. Leave for a travel where can combine culture, nature and sports in a decoration enchanter made of green valleys and big spaces.


Since centuries, Ireland makes dream the travellers of the whole world. When his name is heard, one immediately visualizes mythical landscapes with the green valleys, as well as the legends which were born there. In spite of an agitated past, marked by the English occupation, this passion for the country of Saint Patrick never weakened. How to resist all these wonders in which Ireland abounds? Medieval cities, single culture, lakes, cliffs… All is to be seen and to re-examine in this country who knew to preserve a clean identity in spite of many invasions. Of passage on green Erin, it will be necessary for you to leave on a tour of all the recesses this mysterious territory in order to understand subtleties of them. Accommodated by people cordial and filled with good mood, you will let yourselves invade by the ambient joy, and will take readily a pint of Guiness to benefit from this magic environment.

Cradle of incredible legends, Ireland intrigues and you will take pleasure in visiting the various sites of the island which inspired the marvellous accounts of the Irish folklore. Castles of Dublin to the lake of Connemara, via the charms of Belfast, one has difficulty imagining that one will have to leave one day this legendary ground. Thus let you invade by the softness of Ireland and take the time to plunge there completely, you will not regret your travel in the green meadows of Erin.

Culture & Traditions


The Irish culture is particularly marked, still today, by its mythology. Indeed, many legends, of which oldest date from the 7th century, mention phantoms, imps and other strange elves who tyrannize the inhabitants or on the contrary protect them. Emblematic figure, the lépréchaun in particular, small facetious imp, is known to protect the magic treasures and to reveal rainbows, indicators of cauldrons filled with gold. To cram it, nothing is worth a mutton stew or a good portion of cake, it is greedy!


Ireland has a very strong and very appreciated literature, thanks to authors with the international repute like Jonathan Swift, author of the Gulliver's Travels, Samuel Beckett or James Joyce, often considered as more the great author of all the 20th century. The music with the famous U2 group and Cranberries or the cinema are also with the honor. Many is the directors to have put Ireland ahead, whether it is for its history or its daily life. Most famous of them is Ken Loach.


Indissociable of the Irish traditions, the pubs are veritable institutions with the country of beer and whisky. Indeed Ireland is especially famous for its famous whisky which one can taste pure, or then in one of these delicious Irish coffee, composed of a third of whisky and two thirds of coffee sweet and mixed with crème fraîche. But the beer is also a true monument of the Irish gastronomy, and it is difficult to pass beside Guinness when one comes to spend a few days on the island.


Ireland is a very religious country and very attached to its traditions. The major part of the Irishmen are members of the Church of Ireland, a ramification of the Church of England created by Henri VIII. Much of them is also members of the Presbyterian or Methodist Churches. However, in the south especially, one notes a very strong influence of the Roman Catholic Church. The Irishmen are also still close to their old pagan habits, and it is not rare to see in the campaigns or the small villages, of the ritual old men of several centuries, in order to protect the hearths or the children.