Italy is an invitation with the Dolce vita, with the pleasures of the table and with the awakening of the directions by Article Italy, it is to let itself move by landscapes that one would believe straight left a film, to lose themselves in the largest museum with open sky of planet, but also to let themselves rock by the musical quality and heat the Italian accent. Leave time one weekend to Venice, town of mysteries and lagoons. Remain with Rome, single testimony of the last glory of an empire. Visit Florence, cradle of the Italian Renaissance, authenticates anthology of art and architecture then leave to slacken in the sumptuous residences whose only Tuscany has the secrecy.


If Italy east today one of the countries most appreciated by the visitors, it is not without reason. This ground surrounded by the sea smells of good the history and the landscapes of dreamed. Which Italian city doesn't mark the spirit of the travellers in evil of splendour? Venice, Rome, His, Florence…, as many cities which offer to the amazed eyes of the tourists of the monuments which recall the most beautiful periods of the country. Ancient forums, church of the Rebirth, paintings and sculptures of the largest Masters or gastronomical delights, Italy makes vibrate all the directions, of the sight to the taste. Italy is essential in the Mediterranean basin. Located between the Western part and Eastern of Europe, it is surrounded by the Adriatic Sea in the east, the seas Ligurienne and Tyrrhénienne in the west and the sea lonienne in the south. In north, Italy shares its borders with France, Switzerland, Austria and Slovenia. Moreover, it has several islands like Sardinia in the west and Sicily in south-west but also the islands of Capri, Elba, Ischia, Égades, Pantelleria and the Wind islands.

But the pleasures are not the same ones as one goes to north or the south country. More industrialized, north abounds in cities which made the wealth of Italy. Over there, the lakes or the landscapes of the Pre-Alps are the occasion of ressourcer. The more calms and more Mediterranean, the south with Calabria, Apulia or Sicily, has a historical heritage and artistic more impressive. You will be able to discover even there the archaeological sites most visited in the world, like Pompéi or Herculanum. And after all these visits, which of more pleasant than to sit down with the terrace of a delicious coffee and to taste gelati local, or to appreciate pizzas or other pastes with thousand sauces.

Culture & Traditions


Italy is a country where the culture in all its forms always had a very great importance through the centuries. Impossible to pass beside the Italian Renaissance of Michel-Angel, in Léonard de Vinci, via Botticelli or Donatello. Great power of Antiquity, Italy also abounds in splendid sculptures, and if the Italian music found its apogee with the opera.


In Italy, many are the dishes which give water to the mouth to only think of it! If each area has its own specialities, there exist however specialities common to all Italy, starting with famous the pasta or the emblematic pizza. And how not to mention the immense variety of pork-butcheries, olive oil of Tuscany, where octopuses of Sicily. Italy is also a world reference as regards coffee and one of the largest European wine producers.



With of not doubting when the various monuments of the country are visited, Italy is a catholic country, and asserts it high and strong. It is in Rome, that the many faithful ones of the whole world come to attend the masses celebrated by the pope on the famous place Saint Pierre. The Italian capital is indeed regarded as the capital of very whole Christendom since it shelters the official seat of the Roman Catholic Church: the city-State of the Vatican.


Beyond Milan and of its internationally known famous brands, the fashion and to appear it was always indissociable of the Italian culture. Italian likes the beautiful things and maintains a very important report with appearance. Thus, that it is for their clothing, jewelry or cars, Italian grants most of their budget to their image and so that they release. 


5°- 10° WINTER / 25°- 30° SUMMER

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