Malta, it is a pleasant climate, tourist infrastructures of high quality, impressive landscapes and buildings. The island of Malta gathers multiple cultural origins which you will find in architecture, painting and art Maltese. You will be able to also benefit from the beaches for a balneal stay all carefully. Composed of 8 islands, including one principal which bears its name, the archipelago of Malta bathes the Mediterranean on the open sea, with a hundred kilometers in the south of the sicilian coasts.


On this island where reign the sweet life, one discovers the traces of the various cultures which marked the population, with more than 350 churches or of the Baroque palaces. Thus, if the island is marked by the Occident in north, she therefore did not forget her Arab heritage of it, especially in her southernmost part. On the archipelago, one can also admire buildings among oldest of the world, which show all the ingeniousness of our ancestors. But the island of Malta is not the single site to be discovered. The islands of Gozo and Comino also accommodate travellers in search of calm and of serenity, in a paradisiac and delicious landscape.

One also leaves oneself carried by the festivities which mark the life of the island throughout the year. Here, the religion, but especially religious enthusiasm holds a significant portion in the life of the inhabitants, and it is not rare to see processions in honour of local saints in the streets of Valette or Mdina. Thus let you carry by this majestic island which knew to be raised of all the conquests, preserving its identity.

Culture & Traditions


97% of the Maltese population are of Catholic religion. This one influences much the daily life of the Malteses, since the abortion is always prohibited and the divorce, was accepted only in 2011. The religious enthusiasm of the inhabitants is visible everywhere on the island and each village does not hesitate to celebrate its saint throughout the year.


The island of Malta owes especially its cultural fame with its architecture and its many ruins. Prehistory with today, the island has many historical traces which point out the various influences that she knew with the wire of the centuries. Palaces, churches, fortifications, temples…, many are the vestiges of the golden age of Malta.


The island is mainly famous for its crafts, which are expressed in weaving, blown glass, or even lace. Proud of its musical culture, Malta also makes live its folk heritage, very appreciated inhabitants, in particular thanks to an annual competition of folksongs, which attracts large crowd with each edition.


Between sandy beaches gilded, blue rocks, lagoons and inland seas, the beaches do not miss in Malta. Some, more with the variation are worth all the same the turning for their peace. It is also possible for the nautical sporting-men to devote themselves to their activitées favorite. In north, the beaches are larger but very appraisals, for more calm return to the forefront of Malta.