A travel in Norway is a travel to the meeting of the Scandinavian ground in all its splendour. The landscapes north of country alternate between alpine mountains, narrow fjords, and tundras as far as the eye can see. A cruising along the littoral and fjords guarantee an imposing show: mountains of thousand meters falling to peak in the sea, of the whales, the birds of seas and the aurorae boreales in winter. Norwegian Lapland gives many opportunities of travel and activities. Safari with snowmobile in search of reindeers, of royal crabs, local eagles and other animals, with the walks in sledges with dog, via the bivouac, polar forwardings, fishing season with the hole and the immersion in the indigenous community of Samis. Lastly, at the time of a travel in Norway, it is absolutely necessary to pass by Oslo to discover there its flourishing cultural life as well as a model of urban area in harmony with nature.


Norway, its snow-covered landscapes where the fjords mix with the mysterious archipelagoes and the aurorae boreales are filled of magic. Each visitor returns fascinated by this fatherland considered still today as one of the most beautiful countries of the world. Few words describe with precision the beauty of the Norwegian landscapes and the splendour of surrounding nature. All seems still wild in these regions however occupied by the Man. The travellers will be able to have happiness to discover there impressive glaciers, of which some are part of largest of Europe. Located at the extreme north of Europe, Norway bathes, in the south in the North Sea, in the west in the Norwegian Sea and its northern end, in the Arctic icy Ocean. It shares its border in the east with Sweden, and north with Finland and Russia.

If any traveller will be charmed by this unimaginable nature, he will not forget of it less the charm of the Norwegian cities, of which the Oslo capital. Indeed, in spite of the national respect of the environment, many are the towns of Norway which lived an impressive development, changing the economy of the country radically. Rich person and powerful, Norway is at the present time a country with the foreground of the international scene. In Norway, the men make body with nature, respecting it as much as possible in order to living in total harmony with it. Even if their lifestyle approaches much that their Scandinavian neighbors, they do not remain less single about it, with a culture which is clean for them. First with the ranking of UNO for the index of human development, Norway thus shows the importance of the wellness of the citizens.

Culture & Traditions


The Norwegians appreciate the escapades in nature and there is what. Between fjords, archipelagoes, coasts, call of the Far North, aurorae boreales, and attractive fauna, Norwegian nature overflows of generosity. As well as possible to appreciate all these splendours, made like the inhabitants and leave in hyttetur, of the small wooden chalets lost in nature.


If Norway is a country very modern and turned towards the future, it less did not remain about it very attached to its traditions and other habits. It is the case for the sauna, a Finnish invention which definitively allured the Norwegians. One finds some everywhere in the country, and the inhabitants have as a practice to enter there naked, in order to benefit the maximum of all its virtues.


As of 793, Norway, knows the old one of gold of Vickings and remains marked of its many tales and legends. Thus one tells that in the dark drills of Norway, close to a lake lit by the moon trolls, and other typically Norwegian supernatural creatures are. 


Visible of the Lofoten Islands to the Northern Cape, the aurorae boreales are part of the daily life of the inhabitants of the north of Norway. True fireworks through the night sky, only the lucky ones which makes the experiment of it are able to understand the power of attraction quasi divine of the aurorae boreales.



0° - 5° WINTER / 15°- 20° SUMMER