Country certainly marked by the events of the History, Poland turns today to the future and offers to the world best Slavic culture. With a varied cultural heritage and beautiful landscapes, let allure itself by Warsaw or Cracow. With the liking of the visits, you will be conquered by the kindness of its inhabitants and the incredible religious enthusiasm of the country, which was never contradicted with the wire of the centuries.


When his history is seen, one realizes that Poland is one of the countries of Europe which suffered the most with the wire of the centuries. However, this cordial and proud nation of its culture knew to be raised and offers today taking into consideration world, a rich and particularly interesting heritage. Far from the image of a country devastated and still suffering from tortures of the Second World War, Poland indeed offers a smiling face where cultural churches, museums and other sites enchant the visitors of passage. Alive, Poland does not leave indifferent, and one quickly lets oneself carry by the beauty of his cities like Cracow or Warsaw, as by the sumptuous landscapes which live it. Located at the North-East of Germany, Poland is bordered in north by the Baltic Sea on 528 km of coast. It shares land borders with Russia, Lithuania, Bielorussia, the Ukraine, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. 


Beaches of the Baltic from the points of view of Carpates, difficult not to be carried by all the attractions of this destination to the thousand facets. If one is ready to forget the prejudices on the greyness of this country of the ex Europe of the East, one can discover a moving culture which astonishes by its incredible alliance between modernity and a certain archaism. Removed from its many invaders (Russia, Germany, Austria…), Poland has lived again for several years and develops tourism which allures more and more.

Culture & Traditions


Arts in Poland, were influenced a long time by the Catholic religion, thus, the country was illustrated by classical or Gothic tables, representative of large scenes of the Bible, or the Virgin and her son. Since the end of the Second World War, the country is also famous for its art of the poster, which known its golden age enters the Fifties and Sixties. The country also has a strong fish pond of authors who placed Poland at the world rank of the literature. But, it is by the cinema that Poland appears today with directors like Andrzej Wajda, or Roman Polanski.



Poland is a very religious country, and more than 90% of the inhabitants declare themselves thus catholic. This religious enthusiasm reached its apogee at the end of the Seventies, at the time of the election of a Pole like pope in the Vatican, John Paul II. Today still, the Poles dedicate a true worship to him. Approximately 1,3% of the population are declared rather orthodoxe and belong to the Church uniate, a Greek Orthodox Church which recognized the authority of the Vatican at the end of the 16th century. The latter is still very important in the east of Poland.



At the 17th century it was common S to burst of Vodka glasses on the face as a wish of good health, nowadays it is rather around a good Polish meal which one tastes his glass by exclaiming “Na zdrowie! ” Will know that there does not exist less than 80 kinds of vodka in Poland, like Zubrowka, a vodka containing grass of bison.


Located in solid mass of Tatras, the Rysy mount is the point more culminating of Carpates. With horse between Poland and Slovakia, this mountain range is one of the tourist places most appreciated in the country with its cliffs, lakes and other landscapes rock.




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