In this country about as large as France, where only 9.15 million inhabitants lives, the man and nature live in harmony. According to the season to which one undertakes to travel to Sweden, the experiment differs from the whole to the whole. In winter, one discovers cotton landscapes there where only bore the Scandinavian pine forests, cold lakes and peaceful cities. More one assembles towards North, towards mythical Lapland, more the sun is done rare. Herds of reindeers and aurorae boreales magnify these landscapes characteristic of the Far North. In summer, it is a basically different travel which expects you in Sweden. Walks in forest, barbecues and campfires at the edge of the lakes, water skiing and bathe, Sweden lives itself with the free air, in nature. Lastly, Sweden it is also big cities full with character and to the forefront of modernity. A trip to Stockholm or Gothenburg gives a good outline of this other Swedish face.


Sweden, just like its Scandinavian neighbors, is the paradise of the amateurs of nature and grandiose landscapes. The country of ABBA and Björn Borg indeed knew to preserve his territory, in order to propose its mountains and other lakes. Excursions and other sports in the open air take another turning here, and one takes pleasure in inspiring deeply in the middle of herds of reindeers or under the famous midnight sun of the Swedish summers. This country, as large as France, but seven times less populated, does not miss space to make it possible to the travellers to appreciate calms it and the beauty of the places. One indeed appreciates the serenity of these landscapes at the great horizons and one lets oneself carry by the quietude of the places.

But if nature is queen in Sweden, it also mixes with pleasant and animated cities, like Stockholm, a European capital which knew to keep its great simplicity and its heat. In Sweden, the cities are dynamic and one discovers there a certain charm related to their monuments in charge of history, but also on their modernity which would explode almost in the middle of these ancestral cities. Take the time to delay you in the lanes to learn how to discover what makes the heart of Sweden and the Swedes. Quickly, you will feel integrated, and you will not want any more to leave these wild, but so accessible regions!

Culture & Traditions


For several decades, Sweden has become a reference as regards design. This art is visible in all the places of the daily life of the Swedes, the airports at the restaurants, via the subway or the museums. In the whole world, one recognizes this esthetics, as well as the elegance of the lines produced by the Swedish designers. Proposed by Ikea, this art has a simple concept: a design accessible to all, which combines functionality, quality of materials and simplicity.


Previously, it is especially thanks to the literature that Sweden radiated in the world. The parts of the playwright August Strindberg still today, are thus, played on all planet. More recently, it is by the Scandinavian whodunnit that the country was proposed on the international cultural scene, and many are the bestseller resulting from this kind, starting with the trilogy Millennium of Stieg Larson, with being translated, read and adapted in the whole world.


In Sweden, nature is everywhere, and this, for the greatest pleasure of all. Melting pot of landscapes, the country abounds D wide wild, of rivers, mountains and plains, but also of littoral, lakes and fairy-like archipelagoes. As much to say that Sweden does not miss contrast and of generosity. Even in the big cities of the country nature is literally with our feet.


As in most Scandinavian countries, the principal ingredient of the Swedish cuisine remains the fish, mainly smoked, like herring. However the dish the most appreciated by the Swedes, and the travellers of the whole world, are the smörgas, a kind of sandwich with salmon or prawns, containing sandwich loaf, and of course the famous meatballs Swedish. Side pastry making, one will not resist the kanelbull, a Viennese pastry with the cinnamon which is the preferred sweet dish of the Swedes.



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