A travel in Switzerland will take you along in the mountains to the famous ski resorts. But it is also the occasion to go to observe the Lake Geneva in Lausanne and to sail there. You will be able to also pass by Zurich, cosmopolitan city and high place of the Swiss culture. The French, German and Italian influences feel in this small country and these three languages are spoken besides in Switzerland.


Country of Western Europe, surrounded by Germany, France, Italy, Austria and Liechtenstein, Switzerland does not miss relief, and it is what makes its fame near the travellers of the whole world. When one is sporting-man of winter, it is indeed difficult to resist the call of its Swiss alpine solid masses which have famous ski resorts. Neutral, this country with the paces of Austria side mountains, does not share of them less three cultures: German, Italian and the Frenchwoman. This tasty melting-pot is partly due to the many invasions which the country with the wire of the centuries knew, and of which it knew to be nourished to offer to the eyes of the world the image of an open and cosmopolitan nation.

Forget the stereotypes which associate Switzerland above all its cuckoos, to bankers and other chocolates (delicious it is true), to leave on a tour of true Switzerland, that which has an important medieval past and enthralling legends, starting with that Guillaume Tell, celebrates defender of the Swiss Confederation. In this country marked by Protestantism, one can admire prestigious abbeys with imposing architecture, like various museums pointing out the past blazing of this territory, small, but strapping man. And if you search a little calm and of peace, let you allure by the charms of the various lakes, like the Lake Geneva French-speaking Switzerland side, or the Lake Maggiore Swiss side Italian. These true havens of peace owe their world famous with their incredible panoramas, like with their fresh air. A whole program which gives desire for being plunged in the delights of Switzerland.


Culture & Traditions


What would be Switzerland without its clock-making industry? Today still, many are the Swiss brands which represent the industry of the watches of luxury. Swiss know-how on the matter is so famous that many famous brands make manufacture all their watches in Switzerland. This always flourishing market is a true institution in the country, and became a trademark about it. 


Switzerland is at the origin of the one of the products headlight of the 20th century, the famous multi-fonction pocket knife with the multiple uses. Red with its white cross, this small object is regarded as a toolbox of pocket and it is sold in the whole world. One can find there, according to the model, of the scissors, a compass, bird calls, an USB key or a screwdriver and what to scrape the wax of the skis. Supreme success, this elegant small object is today part of the official equipment of NASA for its flights in space.


Switzerland, it is before all the chocolate! This last fact a serious competition with the Belgian chocolate, with its softness and its delicate flavour. Toblerone, in particular, is originating in Switzerland, and one finds at low prices an excellent chocolate industrial, in the stores of this country where the chocolate is Article.


With its 150 ski resorts, Switzerland is without question Mecque of the sporting-men of slips. Its excellent climatic conditions, its fantastic panoramic views thus that its pleasant small villages of mountain promise to the skiers as with the snowboarders, one qualitée of stay exceptional.


0°- 5° WINTER / 25° SUMMER