When one thinks of Turkey, one thinks nonchalantly smoking the narghile on the terrace of the old coffees of Istanbul, to stroll in its lanes borrow Othoman and Byzantine influences or in its bazaars in search of fabrics and of coppers. And in fact, a travel in Turkey, is the occasion to carry out these some phantasms of Eastern inspiration, but not only. After a stay in Istanbul, capital full with charms and mysteries, leave the activity of the city to leave to the meeting deep Turkey, that of the traditions and the good things in life, it Anatolia. Among the many treasures bequeathed by the civilisations which followed one another there, of the churches, the mosques, the monuments, the archaeological sites flower within a natural framework out of commun run. Thermal waters of Pamukkale, with the Strait of the Bosphorus via Antalya or by the Black Sea, Turkey conceals an inexhaustible wealth for the travellers in search of feelings.


Shared between the East and the Occident, Turkey interferes with happiness the various cultures these two parts of the terrestrial sphere. This ground in charge of history also offers in comparison with the tourists, one of the most beautiful capitals of the world, Istanbul, as of the varied landscapes where sandy beaches are alternated, and immense mountains. One discovers here a modern country which knew to preserve all its heritage, and, by traversing his various areas, one feels like the heirs to divine Byzance, in the middle of a history of most enthralling. Of a great wealth, Turkey indeed allures its visitors by his culture and its many monuments. Of the Bosphorus in Cappadoce, via Anatolia or banks of the Black Sea, the travellers of the whole world take full the eyes of them. One is also allured by the heat of the inhabitants which, feeling Westerners except for whole, considers us equal footing, making us discover famous Othoman hospitality. 

A stay in Turkey is the occasion to plunge itself in step less than 10,000 years of history, in order to discover the multiple civilisations which marked the Turkish culture. With the doors of two worlds, Europe and the Middle East, Turkey indeed knew to keep the best of all these influences to offer a single atmosphere and a cosmopolitan culture. Between a cultural heritage impressing and of the tourist infrastructures of top quality, Turkey definitely puts all the assets on its side to become a country of most attractive.

Culture & Traditions


If the literature and the Turkish music were famous several centuries ago at the time of the Ottoman Empire, it is not really any more the case today. Turkey then was also noticed for its visual arts, which one can admire the traces today: vases, potteries, jewelry and other ornaments of mosques reveal with the eyes of the visitors the wealth of the artists Turkish of the time. But it is especially for the art of the weaving of carpet that Turkey marked the spirits in the world. Always practised today, this unmemorable art is the occasion to acquire true museum pieces which take days and workdays.



If the hammam is the symbol of the culture and the Turkish tradition and one finds it today a little everywhere in the world. Formerly called Turkish bath, this practice was initiated by the Romans with the thermal baths, it there several centuries already. One passes from room in room, for drinking tea, discussing, to wash themselves or to profit from energetic and strong massages in places where heat is the Master mot. Like wants it the tradition, the hammam is divided into two, with the women on a side and the men of the other. That makes it possible each one to be found between people of the same sex, and to converse on various subjects.



Veritable institution in Turkey, the narghile. Today prohibited in the public places not to disturb the nonsmokers, he however always is very appreciated, in particular in bars entirely dedicated to his consumption. During several hours, one settles comfortably to taste this mixture of tobacco aromatized with the fruits, and one lets oneself invade by a delicious torpor. One still crosses many people to the terraces of the coffees in Turkey, which practise this ancestral tradition.



If it is a Turkish dish which knew to be imported in the whole world, it is well the kebab. This meat sandwich born in the middle of Turkey is present in many cities all over the world. Tasty and varied, the Turkish cuisine took as a starting point many countries like Iraq, Egypt, Morocco or the Mediterranean countries. As regards desserts, which never heard about the baklavas or the Turkish delights? If these sugar refineries are famous to be rather fatty, they are not less sheer delights and are tasted for it with Turkish national drink, the tea.


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