The paradise on ground exists. To discover it, leave for the Fiji islands! Such of the confettis carefully spread out over the Pacific Ocean, north of New Zealand, the Fiji Islands constitute an archipelago of more than 400 islands. Here, time seems to be stopped. Little French leaves to explore this paradisiac archipelago, and yet, all is to pass there a stay of dreamed: a permanent sun, a turquoise sea, beaches sublimes… The decoration of postcard is well with go! The sea of a gleaming blue and its sandy beaches as far as the eye can see shelter more than 1000 varieties of fishes and 7 species different of turtles which evolve in water with the reflections green emerald surrounding the archipelago.


Put except for the splendid lagoons, the Fiji islands profit from green valleys and mountainous reliefs which invite to all forms of excursions. Those which wish to play Robinson Crusoé will unquestionably fall under the charm from the luxuriant forest which offer the Fiji islands. With its luxuriant vegetation, this tropical paradise is a true Eden where the distance is synonymous with escape and discovery. A stay on the Fiji islands is also a single opportunity to mix with the Maori ones, the natives and to impregnate themselves with their culture.


A visit of the cities like Labasa or Nadi will enable you to discover an enthralling culture where Kava is not a simple drink, but a true lifestyle. In the Fiji islands, it is enough for you to gild yourselves with the sun on the beautiful beaches and to benefit from the ocean to know true happiness! And all that, in a quiet decoration, far from the tourist surges…

Culture & Traditions


The Fiji islands appear among top 10 of the best sites of diving in the world. They also have the first soft coral world reserve. This archipelago protected by a coral reef makes it possible the plungers to observe tropical fishes as well as sharks, dolphins, barracudas and much more.


Kava, also called Yacona in the Fiji islands is a traditional drink containing root of Methstyicum Piper. This drink with the effects antidoulor and antidepressant forms integral part of the Fijian culture. At the time of your visit in a Fijian village, it is of habit of drinking the kava. It is first of all to the chief of the village of drinking in first.


The Fijian people are famous to be one of the most cordial people in the world. The rites occupy a very important place in the culture Fijian and many are the ceremonies such as that of Yacona. The dance is also important. The meke which is the traditional dance makes it possible to tell legends thanks to the movements and the music.


Put except for the scuba diving, the Fiji islands gives the opportunity of fishing, of making excursion, of observing the birds, of making horse riding or surfing. You will be able to also make jet boat along the Nadi river, of the tyrolienne with Pacific Harbour or of the jet ski around the Mamanuca islands.



The Fiji islands propose a wet tropical climate which is rather stable throughout the year with temperatures which vary between 22°C and 32°C. From May to October one attends the dry season, while the rainy season is spread out from November to April.

22° À 32°

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