Do you dream of a sunny haven of peace? Immaculate white sand beaches on which to be stretched out? Stunning coral reefs to explore? The Maldives are made for you! This archipelago of more than 1,000 islands and atolls makes since long time office of landscape of postcard. Far from the tumult of the daily life, the islands Maldives are a place of escape and offer to their travellers a soft and peaceful life. It is in crystalline water of these islands that tropical fishes, sharks, rays and dolphins elected residence. Thus the Maldives are a destination very appraisal of the amateurs of diving out of bottle, snorkelling and cruising. The spots many and are varied and will offer to the travellers a single experiment.


The species having invested the lagoons maldiviens are numerous and vary according to the atolls. Thus show an excursion in the various reefs in order to all and prepare with an explosion of colors. Corals multicoloured, fishes surgeons, vivaneaux, lines mantas and other species will offer an imposing show to you and will leave you an imperishable memory. Take the time to go to swim with the hammerheads in Rashdoo Madivaru or with the tortoises with Fushifaru Thila. Each spot has its speciality, it is due only to you to discover it.

That you dream to live the feet in sand the time of a smart robinsonnade, to place in an immense villa with swimming pool for all your family, to privatize a private island or a yacht, the islands Maldives are a destination of excellence where you will be able to spend the extraordinary balneal vacancies in all quietude. Moreover, if you have just married you, the archipelago is also an ideal romantic paradise for all in love ones seeking the refuge with their honeymoon.

Culture & Traditions


The diving is incontestably the headlight activity of the Maldives. Its seabeds count among most famous in the world. You will find there some of the rarest species of planet such as the shark whale, the line manta, the giant tortoise, the line stingray or the stone fish! How it is out of bottle or in snorkelling, the experiment is single!


Boat symbolic system of the Maldives, the dhoni forms integral part of the national DNA. This boat with the singular form is used by the maldiviens for various reasons (fishing season, transport, excursions and much more…).  Impossible to pass to side because most transfers of island to island are done by the means of dhoni. There it is a question of a single means of discovering the lagoons.


Bodu Beru which means “large drum” is the traditional form of dance and song maldivien. Several players of drum start a slow rhythm, while a singer solo sings and that dancers start to be driven in rhythm. The more time advances, the more the rhythm accelerates and the dancers return in a kind of fright. This traditional art has strong African influences.


With its framework enchanter made up of coconuts and white sand beaches which penetrate in water turquoises, the Maldives are the ideal place to find itself to two after its marriage. Indeed, this destination is the privileged refuge of the young grooms for their honeymoon. It is also possible to renew its wishes with the local way. A pure bracket of softness for beginning a life with two well.


The climate of the Maldives is tropical, i.e. it is hot and wet all the year. The temperatures of the air and water as for them turn around the 28 degrees in general. From June to August, the Maldives know monsoon with important precipitations whereas the months between November and March are hottest.


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