Situated on Indian Ocean, the Mauritius Island is qualified as a "heaven on Earth" translates by white sand beaches lined with coconut palms and with palm trees following a breathtaking turquoise blue blue water. It is also about the natural housing environment of numerous huge tortoises which you will doubtless have the opportunity to see during a stopover in the Vanilla Reserve Mascarene Islands or near(on the side of) the Rodrigues Island. A journey on this island allows a total disorientation with places isolated in touch with the nature and the very luxurious hotel complexes. A pure bracket of happiness and relaxation without time difference.


To Maurice, the water and the sand set the tone. Between dive, gone hiking or simply the idleness, the Mauritius Island will satisfy all the lovers of the sea as those of the mountain. Indeed, you will appreciate his restless relief offering magnificent hikes decorated with mountains, with waterfalls, and with former craters of volcano. The Mauritius Island is an ideal destination for a seaside journey but is also a romantic paradise for all the lovers looking for the refuge of their honeymoon.

Being you to devote in the diverse activities of the island such as water sports, dive, hike(ride) or golf, nothing better to relax that to leave on the meeting of the Mauritian people known as one of the kindest to the world. Bathing in the soft flavor(perfume) of orchards and bougainvilleas, the welcome(reception) is there warm, including in big cities as Port Louis. To Maurice, the traditions are kept(preserved), in particular in the distant villages of the Rodrigues Island. The legendary kindness of the Mauritians allied to a tropical but not too hot climate and to a hotel business of big luxury guaranteed to the travelers a saving rest.

Culture & Traditions


The majority of the inhabitants of the Mauritius Island are Indian. Their culture is buried in the DNA of the island and the ceremonies as well as the rites are very important. Go off to explore in particular the Big Pond, the sacred place where millions of believers make a pélerinage every year. The banks of this lake are strewed with temples as well as with a statue in the glory of the god Shiva.


The Mauritius Island is considered as its protected and wild nature. Even if its funds sailors are not as well exceptional as those the Maldive Islands or Seychelles, they are worth seeing all the same. It is in particular recommended to go dive near Blue Ray where is a magnificent reserve of coral soft. Whether it is there snorkelling or in bottle, the experience is worth it.


Unable to leave Mauritius without having to swim with dolphins ! Several excursions are offered to go to the meeting of these marine mammals . Departures are often early morning. Travelers borrow a boat and jumped into the water after a few minutes of navigation. Amid these clear waters it is almost impossible not to cross one of the two dolphin specimens present on the island. The " long nose " dolphin and the dolphin " prompter " .


Mauritius is definitely known for big game fishing. It's behind the coral reefs that sport fishing enthusiasts can indulge in their favorite sport. Indeed, it is here that hide some of the biggest marine specimens! Between blue marlin, black marlin, mako shark, tiger shark, yellowfin or dog tooth tuna you are sure not to leave empty-handed.