Island of predilection for the hearts in search for decompression, St. Bartholomew's Day Massacre, commonly called Saint-Barth', is an island which gets relaxation and entertainment with which poses the foot there. Throughout the years, Saint-Barth' knew to preserve mass tourism and thus to preserve his intact natural beauties. Rent one of iconic the minis-moke and furrow the small roads of the island, they will carry out you towards lagoons protected by coral reefs which will charm you. To make the turn of the island you can also rent a catamaran and return to you on beaches accessible with more difficulty like that from Dovecote. Arrived on your beach, be stretched out on white sand by listening to the soft sound of the waves or thread your diving mask and explore water turquoises and full of fish which surrounds you.


Paradise of many billionaires, Saint-Barth' is also known to be an island where taxes and taxes do not have their place. The excellent gourmet restaurants do not miss and if you are followers of the animated nights, Saint-Barth' abounds in bars and night clubs to electric environment. After you to be unchained on the tracks, leave to benefit from Gustavia and its shops from luxury. This city full with charm offers to the travellers a single stay in the middle of the jet set.

Your hotel also offers a broad panel of activities to you. In the lagoon which copes with the establishment you will be able to devote yourselves to the paddle or the kayak but also to kite-surfing. The club of diving of the beach will provide you necessary equipment to go to observe the seabeds more off the lagoon.

Culture & Traditions


In order to occupy the fortunate customers who come to remain on the island, Holy Barthelemy offers a wide range of activities. Put except for the relaxation under the coconuts, it is possible to leave in excursion in the middle of the island or at the edge of the splits, to go to discover the lagoon on board a boat or to be devoted to various water sports such as the kitesurf or the windsurfing. Do not hesitate either to go to make shopping or to slacken you in one of many the spas of the island.


Island of dreamed par excellence, St. Bartholomew's Day Massacre is the image which one has of a postcard. While coming here, the travellers search only one and single thing: to be stretched out on a white sand beach. Indeed the major asset of the island east without any doubt its many paradisiac beaches. And there is for all the tastes, some are favourable with idleness, others with stroll and others with the sports. A wide selection which will charm of them more one.


The scuba diving with St. Bartholomew's Day Massacre with something of magic. Even if the funds are never very deep, the island offers a great diversity to the plungers. Each splits or small islands with its characteristic, which makes it possible the initial plungers to be able to be exerted. For a single experiment, do not hesitate with diving on the side of the small island Sugar loaf and the wreck of 75 meters located at broad of the port.


Surrounded by full of fish water, the island of St. Bartholomew's Day Massacre became a high place of the fishing season to large in the Caribbean. At the time of your stay do not hesitate to leave one day to overcome the giants of the seas. You will cross surely the road of many tunas, marlins, barracudas and benches of sea-breams. To Barth Saint, it is almost impossible to leave at sea and nothing to pay.