Ground of legends, Australia is recognized by its landscapes to cut the breath, its spellbinding living environment, his idyllic culture and its endemic fauna. On this island-continent of the end of the world, them appointments with the kangaroos, the koalas and the duck-billed platypus are unforgettable, especially if you remain in the vicinity of National Freycinet Park, of Innate on the peninsula of Yorke or in Kangaroo Island. On this promised land where large modern cities like Melbourne and Sydney win unanimous support near all the visitors, you will discover also traditional villages where aboriginals preserve their habits under the vigilant glance their ancestors, which left the trace of their passage besides on the walls of the caves as in National Kadaku Park. Australia, it is also of immense sandy beaches like those of Whitsunday Islands and of North Stradbroke Island, where you will find each year of large impassioned surfing. To appease your search of strong feelings, you can to even offer excursions you and climbings in Flinders Arrange, Ayers Rock'n'roll without forgetting the 12 apostles of Great Road Ocean, before setting out again towards Cairns and its coral reef…


The wealth of Australia is also in its history with a double culture, that of the Aboriginals and that brought by the colonists. This co-education which was not always obvious is today a force for Australia which does not hesitate to propose it. The insulation of the country compared to the rest of the world brought to Australian quite particular mentality and the proximity of the majority of the big cities with the sea, a great relaxation. For example, it is not rare that the Australian ones leave front surfer, during and after work. Large followers of the barbecue, all the levels of social classes lend themselves to these cordial moments. Australia is a ground of all contrasts and at first sight inhospitable in spite of the splendour of its landscapes, however to traverse it gets unforgettable feelings and single experiments.

You will discover there koalas, wallabies and other kangaroos at the time of escapades in nature reserves and national parks. While remaining near the Australian coasts, you will have the opportunity of practising surfing, of making snorkeling or diving not far from the Great Barrier Reef, of making veil with broad as of Whitsunday Islands or of even remaining on paradisiac Fraser Island. Outback will plunge you in the middle of extraordinary landscapes as that proposed in indigenous ground Uluru. While returning to you in the big cities, you will in particular appreciate the cultural side with many museums, festivals, operas and art galleries in animated districts where connected bars and restaurants will propose sprinkled culinary local wine experiments to you of world famous.

Culture & Traditions


Australia is without any doubt one of the most famous country for the scuba diving. With more the Great Barrier Reef in the world, this country is a true small paradise on ground for the plungers. You will be able to see in particular there sharks whales, dolphins, whales and million tropical fishes.


Uluru, also called Ayers Rock'n'roll is without any doubt one of the symbols of Australia. This large rock of orange color located in the middle of the desert is one of the most crowned places aboriginals. Perhaps at the time of your tour at the bottom of Uluru, you will be able to cross the two main tribes of the places: Pitjantjatjara and Yankunytjatjara.


Of share its insulation with the other continents, Australian fauna is single in the world. Certain species do not evolve nowhere elsewhere than on the Australian territory. Among these endemic species you will be likely surely to observe kangaroos, duck-billed platypus, koalas, cassowaries, wombat or some of the most poisonous species of snakes and spiders.


Located on Middle Island in the middle of a forest of eucalyptus, the Lake Hillier remains a true mystery. This 600 meters long lake has a very constant pink. Several scientists are leaning on the subject, but no assumption was really approved.


Australia is an immense territory whose climate varies enormously according to the areas. In the extreme north the climate is equatorial when it is only tropical in north. The northeast coast knows a subtropical climate, while the center and on the west side of the country have a desert climate. Lastly, the southeast coast and the area of Perth in south-west profit from a moderate climate. These variations are at the origin of the variety and the wealth of the landscapes as well as spectacular fauna and Australian flora. Information concerning the jet lag below relates to the capital.