With approximately 2,000 kilometers north of New Zealand, New Caledonia is made up of several islands, largest being the Large Earth. In this splendid archipelago of Pacifique Sud, that the close friends call “Stone”, you will discover a sublime lagoon, the crystalline water who extend as far as the eye can see, girdled by a coral reef. But the treasures of the area are not summarized with the natural beauty of its littoral! One should not hesitate to leave to the meeting the local tribes and to taste with the culinary specialities like the bougna to determine the heart calédonienne.  The visit of the many museums of Noumea, the excursions in the Loyalty Islands, the immersion in the natural parks of the Southern province and the adventure in the caves of Koumac in the Northern province are as many experiments not to miss.


Small case of the Pacific where the largest lagoon of the world is, New Caledonia is a sanctuary of nature. Influenced by the cultures kanak, Frenchwoman, Polynesian, Vietnamese and Indonesian, the archipelago offers to its visitors a true range of more incredible experiments all the ones than the others. Noumea acts as the nerve centre of the country and will enable you to discover the civilisation kanak through its arts centre Tjibaou whose impressive architecture accommodates many museums. 

By traversing the rest of the main island, the “Large one Is in hiding”, you will admire the beautiful landscapes as well as fauna and the underwater flora. The four other islands which compose New Caledonia are paradisiac places where you will leave to the meeting tribes whose culture remained preserved, and of which you will appreciate the coral beaches and reefs.

Culture & Traditions


Kanaks being the principal ethnos group of the country, their culture, their habits and rites are very present and visible. They express their culture through the dance, the music, the pottery and the sculpture. The dances make it possible to reinforce the links within the clan.


New Caledonia has the largest lagoon in the world and the second longer coral reef after that located in Australia. This watery sanctuary is the place dreamed for the plunger amateurs and confirmed. That is in diving bottle or snorkelling, you will undoubtedly be able to be able to observe tortoises, corals and thousands of tropical fishes.    


Each year, of mid-July to mid-September, surroundings 500 individuals of humpback whales find themselves in the lagoon calédonien in order to reproduce and to put low. If your travel in New Caledonia coincides with the season of the loves, do not hesitate to leave in excursion in order to be able to observe them.



The principal attraction of New Caledonia east without any doubt its wild nature worthy of the postcards. Indeed, put except for its littoral and its lagoon, the country also has splendid mangrove swamps, mountains, savannas, rivers and atolls of limestones.


Located at the level of the tropic of Capricorn, New Caledonia profits from a tropical climate summarizing itself in two seasons. One hot season of mid-November to mid-April when the risks of cyclones are high and current rains. One fresh season, dries, of mid-May with mid-September with temperatures oscillating between 20°C and 23°C.