Appreciated for its dynamism contrasting with its sweet life, Auckland allured by its natural wonders. The geysers and hot springs of Rotorua count among the stages impossible to circumvent in the city. For the unconditional ones of water sports and bathes, the vacancies with Auckland are appreciated rather on the side of the Gulf of Auraki, a paradisiac place where it is possible to admire the white dolphins and the whales at certain periods of the year. Another unavoidable natural curiosity in stay in the island of north, the national park Abel Tasman. This sanctuary of nature offers an outline of the natural wealth of the island.


Escape in southern land, the travel in New Zealand offers opportunity to you of having a private conversation privileged with nature. Concentrated natural wealths, this remote destination joins together all the attributes to court impassioned of adventure and in love ones with vast preserved spaces. In the island of north as in the island of the south, the landscapes compete of beauty and diversity. Also known under the name of Smoking Island, the Island of North shelters several thermal springs. It is also in this part of the country that the most important cities with the image of Wellington and Auckland are established.

A travel in New Zealand is an adventure with the meeting of a mystical nature worked by the volcanos and the wild winds of the howling quarantièmes. New Zealand, rocked by the sea Tasman and the immense Ocean Pacifique Sud, is composed of two main islands, “the smoking island” and its volcanos in North and the island of Jade with its long spine of peaks covered with snow in the South. At the time of a travel in New Zealand, there are some impossible to circumvent to miss under no pretext.

Culture & Traditions

To bathe in the sumptuous splits of the Peninsula of Coromandel, to leave on a tour of the culture maorie and the geothermic landscapes in Rotorua, to make excursion in the alpine valleys of the Jade island, to discover the incredible landscapes of the Milford Sound in cruising, to observe the whales and the seals in their natural environment with Kaikoura. It is what expects you in New Zealand. Lastly, at the time of your travel, you will not fail to make a stay with Wellington, capital of the country located on the splendid strait of Cook.


New Zealand is a destination 100% nature! Its beauty is astounding and its diversity is incomparable. Put except for ten national parks of the country, you will be able to swim in water turquoises, to visit caves, vineyards and to climb volcanos! To cross forests and fjords in search of whales, of orcs and dolphins! A concentrate of fauna and incredible flora.


The Maori one are still quite present on the New Zealand territory and their culture feels with each corner of street. The dances and the songs are very important in their culture, you know without doubts the male traditional dance used by All Blacks at the beginning of each one of their match: Haka. Leave on a tour of these people and their culture to the Polynesian heritage by eating their traditional dish: the hangi.


After you to be to devote to the many sports and activities to strong feelings which offer New Zealand, you will have the possibility of slackening you in the many sources of natural warm waters of the territory. The majority are concentrated around Rotorua is their benefits with been worth with the area the nickname of “Cureland”.


Impossible to go on a trip to New Zealand without hearing at least once of Rugby. This sport is a true passion among New Zealand inhabitants. If your stay coincides with a match, do not hesitate to go to encourage the national team of All Blacks, world champion in title and to admire their famous haka.


New Zealand has a climate moderated with rather important precipitations and many hours of sunning. The extreme north of the country enjoys a subtropical climate in summer, the central mountainous areas of the island of the South can know temperatures going until -10°C in winter but most of the country is close to the coasts, which means mild temperatures.

10°-15° WINTER / 20°-30° SUMMER