Polynesia offers an impressive panoply of experiments through its 118 islands. But it is before a a whole rich destination culturally with ancestral traditions still very present and visible through tattooings, dances, songs, sports, festivals and the production of artisanal objects. The amateurs of archaeology will be able to observe vestiges during their excursions. Destination of postcard with its paradisiac landscapes between white sand beaches, ochre or pink, and lagoons with the multiple colours of blue, Polynesia will charm impassioned of diving. Indeed, the fabulous seabeds abound in multicoloured corals and fishes among which sharks and rays manta swim.


Tonic destination, the sportsmen will find their happiness by traversing the various islands and their varied profiles. Indeed, the territory accommodates spots of surfing among most impressive of the world and the kite surfers benefit from the lagoons exposed to the winds when others make dugout or kayak on calm water of the lagoons. The hikers profit from islands to the reliefs raised with mountains, forests, valleys and cascades, thus offering remarkable landscapes and points of view.

Each island will transport you in his own universe to the meeting of its populations. Polynesia allows the travellers a total expatriation in places isolated in contact with nature. Between surfing, the diving, the excursions or quite simply idleness, Polynesia will satisfy all in love ones with the sea like those with the mountain.

Culture & Traditions


Polynesia is incontestably the destination number one in the heart of in love with scuba diving. Its translucent and hot water allows the beginners and confirmed to approach the incredible specimens such as the lines manta, the sharks, the whales, the dolphins and of the thousands of tropical fishes.


From July to at the end of October, Polynesia is taken by storm by the humpback whales which come to reproduce in its warm waters. Do not hesitate to leave to their meeting at the time of excursions in boat to Rurutu, Tahiti, the Southern ones or Moorea which are known as being the best spots for the observation of the whales.


Polynesian tattoo is strongly anchored in the ancestral culture of the country. Many are the inhabitants who proudly carry tribal reasons a little everywhere on the body. For those which wish it, a travel in Polynesia is the occasion to set out again with a memory 100% room and indelible! It is preferable to expect the end of the stay because it is interdict to bathe during one week for the cicatrization.



The Polynesian gastronomy is synonymous with flavours but especially with freshness. Even if the specialities differ according to the archipelagoes, the featured products are the tropical fruits, the seafood and of course the fish. Impossible to pass beside the national dish “fish believed in the coconut milk” which is present on the majority of the menus of the country. 


The climate Polynesian, tropical, is divided into two seasons with one dry season (May to October) and a rainy season (November to April). The temperatures vary between 25°C and 30°C.