To be traveller ORNORMES is to have the privilege to have access to the Premium services and the caretaker's lodge.

 A panel of services at your front disposal, during, after your travel and throughout the year.

Exclusive routes, advices of experts, access to our address book, innovations… be the informed first of the news of House ORNORMES and the events throughout the world.


Because each traveller is important, OR' STANDARDS offers a panel of services premium 
with the privileged members of his Club Travellers.

•   Service of bag shop
•   Personalized travel diary
•   Service of super-nanny
•   Keep animals
•   Express train check-in
•   Early check-in
•   Check-out Late
•   Steam pressing with the hotel
•   Access deprived to spa OR' STANDARDS

•   Caretaker's lodge 24/7
•   Space personalized and deprived online 24/7
•   Service personalized as of the starting airport
•   Private transfers: residence - airport - residence
•   Port of the luggage
•   Assistance with the recording
•   Priority Passage with the police checks
•   Access to the lounge


Far from the standards of loan-with-travelling, we apply to the world of the travel the requirements of the high-seam, to make each journey OR'NORMES the experiment of a life. The creation of your travel will pass thus by three stages: the catch of your measurements, the meeting of fitting, and the realization of your travel.

Catch of your measurements: the first personalized maintenance is an essential stage which enables us to take note of your project. Following this maintenance, we will propose an owner to you who will be used to us as a basis of work and exchange.

Meeting of fitting: we will be able to then refine our proposal by taking account of your comments, and by calling on our 15 years of experience and for a knowledge of the world to create a travel truly high-seam which corresponds entirely to your waitings.

Last final improvements: Before and during your travel, the team of dressmakers OR'NORMES remains fully at your disposal for possible last final improvements. 


Many will be the guides able to by heart recite you a certain number of figures and of dates to speak to you about a site or an animal. But only a handful of impassioned will have the ability to tell you a history, to transport you in time and to bring to your trip a true added-value.

Because it is graduate of architecture and Beautiful arts, and that it develops in the Chinese capital a project of 10 apartments drawn by 10 architects and designers of reputation, Xiao Yun is the ideal person to make you discover the art and the architecture of the Beijing of today.

Because that made now more than 10 years that it is devoted to the tango, and that it foams the international scenes, of Brazil in Japan, that Juan will be the perfect guide to take you along through most authentic milongas of Argentina.

Because resulting from a family of poachers, he has worked for several years in an association implying the local populations in the safeguard of the wild life, Lewis will know better than anybody to speak to you about the black lions, zebras and rhinoceroses which populate today in great number the desert of Namib.

Art lovers, of photography, or of ornithology, OR' STANDARDS makes a point of honor of finding you the guides which will be able to transmit their knowledge with passion to you to pay your visit memorable.


OR'NORMES makes a point of honor of being worked only with accommodation and partners very high-of-range.

So that with each stage, your travel proceeds perfectly well, and that you do not have any more that to open large the eyes and to slacken you, we are particularly demanding in the selection of our partners throughout the world.

We place at your disposal the global area network of quality which we have constituted for more than 15 years, which will contribute so that your stay on the spot occurs as well as provided, and that the surprises are only positive.

Ask us the best!