The foundation aims to create and carry out projects through the whole of the destinations suggested by OR'NORMES and to make it possible to each traveller to take part in the concretization of each project which will relate to the destination that he will discover. It is a project which holds us with heart since always. We are able to travel throughout the world and to meet people who it does not miss large thing to improve their living environment. There are children who dream to have books and pens, communities which need to have access to water… We know that we cannot save the world but we wish to contribute to improve some lives. The foundation will be fed by gifts of travellers. On each travel carried out a sum symbolic system of 50€ will be transferred with the foundation. The traveller has the possibility of donating the amount which it wishes before or after his travel. Each giver will follow the project until his realization with the whole of the accounts which will be published.

Our projects


At the time of your travel to Morocco, do not hesitate to make your time like your competences profitable of certain associations. Most associations local humanitarian works in favour of the abandoned children and stripped. You will find for example associations “Morocco Heart” and “Children Morocco Hope”. Do not hesitate to bring with you of the school material or the supplies which will be useful for them.


Benefit from your stay in Zambia to spend your time like your competences with the profit of association “Helps with the children of Zambia”. This association helps the young children and especially to the orphans from the orphanage “Sunflowers”. This orphanage, built by a Belgian monk comes to development assistance like of the schooling from the young orphans.


At the time of your stay in New Zealand, do not hesitate to spend your competences and your time with the profit of the association Pupu Rangi which with for aim of protection flora as well as indigenous fauna of New Zealand. The latter accommodate the voluntary ones throughout the year within a single framework.


At the time of your stay in Australia, do not hesitate to spend your competence and your time with the profit of association Uralla Wildlife Sanctuary. This association deals with all the wounded or orphan animals of the area. This is a unique opportunity to discover the local wildlife all while helping it.