The foundation aims to create and carry out projects through the whole of the destinations suggested by OR'NORMES and to make it possible to each traveller to take part in the concretization of each project which will relate to the destination that he will discover. It is a project which holds us with heart since always. We are able to travel throughout the world and to meet people who it does not miss large thing to improve their living environment. There are children who dream to have books and pens, communities which need to have access to water… We know that we cannot save the world but we wish to contribute to improve some lives. The foundation will be fed by gifts of travellers. On each travel carried out a sum symbolic system of 50€ will be transferred with the foundation. The traveller has the possibility of donating the amount which it wishes before or after his travel. Each giver will follow the project until his realization with the whole of the accounts which will be published.

Our projects


At the time of your stay in the Fiji islands, do not hesitate to make your competences like your time profitable of certain associations. You will be able in particular to help the marine animal-life near the association “Manta Trust” which helps with the conservation of the lines mantas.


At the time of your stay in New Caledonia, do not hesitate to come to the rescue of certain associations such as “ACAPA” which comes to carer for the elderly; “ACH” which manages several centers which help the handicapped people or “ASEAD” which helps the children like to the defective teenagers. Moreover, if you wish to help the animals, association “Bwärä Marine Tortoises” makes it possible voluntary to help these endangered species.


At the time of your stay in French Polynesia, do not hesitate to make to your time like your competences profitable of certain associations such as “Te Mana O You Moana” which works for the conservation of the Polynesian marine animal-life like to the public awareness campaign.